Monday, December 25, 2017

2017 – The year that was…

Nothing less than a roller-coaster ride, the year 2017 kept me at my edge, out of my comfort zone and pushed me to do things I never had imagined myself doing. Today, with only a few days of the year left, I look back at all the good madness, the grief, the hope, the courage to go beyond the fence I had created for myself, the happiness of shaping my life the way I wanted and thank the year 2017 for all the teachings.
The year that will be remembered as the one, where I lived some of my most cherished dreams, surprised myself in amazing ways and took some unexpected yet fulfilling risks. The year in which I took some astounding steps that it seemed to me that someone else has taken over me. I did different things and, also, did things differently. The year when I witnessed that the things are falling into place, it is all adding up together and everything is started to make sense.
As the year comes to an end, I felt like jotting down the lessons, the year taught me, based on the incidents that happened to me in these twelve months. Here is to the year 2017 as a teacher…
1.       January
·         Take risks. It is always better to take risk and regret later than to not take it at all and regret.
·         Sometimes, plunging into the unknown can seem the craziest to do, but it will also be the most adventurous and fun deed to do.
·         Trust your instinct, let it guide you when you are not sure.

2.       February
·         Happiness, sorrow or the life itself; nothing is permanent. Take it easy.
·         Live as only you can, you don’t know what the next moment is holding for you.
·         Blessings usually come disguised as a dilemma. Just wait and give them some time to reveal.

3.       March
·         You might call them mistakes, but later in life when you look back, these mistakes will bring a smile to your face.
·         Stand for what you believe is right, no matter others agree to it or not.
·         Being positive even if everything seems to be falling apart can be the toughest but the most heroic deed to do.

4.       April
·         Whatever you learn in life, it will not be relevant unless you apply it in life.
·         Don’t be afraid to speak about what you want from people.
·         When you feel good about yourself, you will attract people who make you feel good.

5.       May
·         When life gives you a second chance, grab it without any second thoughts.
·         Your mind will always know the right opportunity to grab, listen to it.
·         Forgive them.

6.       June
·         Patience will take you places.
·         Appreciating yourself will help you rise the quality of your work.
·         Do not carry the work stress to home and to life.

7.       July
·         Keep yourself uplifted if you have taken an uphill road.
·         Worrying about things not going well will not help you get things right.
·         Keep giving your hundred percent, no matter what.

8.       August
·         Raise your vibe to attract people who will be your guides, mentors and your cheer squad.
·         Nurture your subconscious mind with positivity and it will push you and make you take up tasks you feared.
·         Find your mojo and use it.

9.       September
·         Making a month, your best month, is in your hands.
·         When you believe in people, people come through.
·         Everything is inside you, as your beliefs; change your beliefs and life will change from inside out.

10.   October
·         Everything, each of your decision will start making sense one day and things will start falling in place, eventually.
·         When you do, what you love or love what you, there will be no one and nothing stopping you.
·         Get out of your comfort zone; all your dreams lie outside your comfort zone.

11.   November
·         If you love something, you must put in everything you have got to get it. You need to work on strategies, plans, maps and connect all the dots to achieve it.
·         Don’t be afraid to confess love, or your mistakes.
·         Never stop following your passion.

12.   December
·         Be thankful for everything.
·         Dare to choose new beginnings, no matter how novel or conventional they seem.
·         Celebrate life!!!

As I usher into a new year or the new year enters my life, I wish you all (and myself) an extraordinary year ahead. Here is to the year 2018!!!

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