Friday, September 15, 2017

Notes to Self

        I have blogs, articles, stories sitting and lying lazily on my laptop in a miscellaneous folder named “when are you going to use these” (I tried but couldn’t use a question mark (?) in the folder name because the folder names can’t contain a character). I used to open this folder every now and then and felt the word files staring at me longingly and with a hope that I might publish one of those. But somehow I always failed them because I thought they were not good enough. And I used to say “someday” while closing the folder back as if trying to answer the question “when are you going to use these”. But today, someone pretty persuasive* convinced me to publish one of my compilations of notes I write for myself as affirmations/reminders. 

These #NotesToSelf are to keep myself motivated in a world of electrons and media. They help me get closer to who I want to be. I have been using these as ways of reminding myself who I am and what I want myself to be, lifting my frequency, vibrating on a higher plane, keeping myself in alignment with my source and the Universe. I sometimes send these as messages to myself and use as updates on my twitter account.

Yeah, that’s how hard I work to keep myself out of my worry zone. You see, I am a worrier, I sometimes worry about not having anything to worry about. Hence, this kind of uplifting and self-pushing is needed for souls like me.
So here I am, publishing my #NotesToSelf and hoping, you can relate to some of these and a few might even make you smile or uplift your mood.

1.       Smile. You know you look beautiful when you do.
2.       Sing. Just sing whenever you can. Even if it is the office restroom.
3.       Don’t do it if you can’t put your heart into it.
4.       People need more inspiration, try and inspire them.
5.       Once in every 3 days, laugh so heartily your stomach starts hurting or you spill water all over.
6.       Grow up but don’t age. Look at least 7 years younger than your age. Give them a shock when they ask you your age.
7.       Workout like a freak. Give them fitness goals.
8.       Your body is the home for your soul. Don’t put in anything that ruins it.
9.       Drink water, a lot. And, don’t dare waste food.
10.   Don’t settle for anything just okay. Also, stay away from people who are okay about being okay.
11.   Don’t judge. Don’t ever judge. Always put yourself in their shoes before making an opinion about someone.
12.   Always find time to call those who are waiting for it.
13.   If 2+3 is 5, doesn’t mean 4+1 isn’t 5. If you are right, doesn’t mean they are wrong. Accept it.
14.   Don’t you dare compare yourself with anyone. You are unique and so is everyone else. Also, you have no idea what they are going through and they don’t know what you have survived.
15.   Don’t label any sex, region, caste, people based on the deed of one person. Not all five fingers in your hand are similar.
16.   The people who have opinion about you will never be there when you will need them. Don’t live life based on their opinion. Let them have it. It’s a free country after all.
17.   Care about people. You have a beautiful heart and you are not a robot.
18.   It’s okay to be sensitive and get hurt. It reminds you that you are capable of loving unconditionally.
19.   Motivate yourself to an extent that you can motivate others as well.
20.   Write your heart out, even if you don’t publicize. Write it for yourself.
21.   Don’t act as a queen, act as a leader. You were not born to rule; you were born to lead.
22.   There will always be electrons, the negative ones, the naysayers who will try to rule you out, bring you down. But unless you give them the power, they can’t affect you.
23.   Mind your energy. Raise your frequency. Vibrate higher.
24.   Give yourself a break, occasionally. You don’t have to pay the bills, right on time, or return the call, right away.
25.   There are people wishing for a life like you. Don’t crib. Br grateful.
26.   Have a sense of humor. Use it as an armor to survive any negative situation or being.
27.   Be responsible, in every way possible.
28.   Don’t make anyone wait for you. Arrive before time and see their expression of loving surprise when they see you reach early for them.
29.   Don’t break rules. Breaking rules is never cool. Break stereotypes instead.
30.   Dress up as you want to. People will stare, make it worth their while.
31.   Don’t feel guilty about spending money. You have earned it and you will earn more. Don’t keep it stagnant, let it flow.
32.   Don’t lose faith, or your temper.
33.   Inoculate only the positive into your subconscious mind. Filter out everything negative.
34.   Read. Read. Read. You will never be too old to stop learning.
35.   Keep listening to music, singing, writing, reading, working out. Keep busy.
36.   Be an exception. Not the rule.
37.   Be in NOW. Here, in the moment. There is no “forever” unless there is no “now”.
38.   Refuse mediocrity, don’t settle for anything or anyone average.
39.   Look up to people who inspire you and try to be like them.
40.   Never stop believing in eternal love.
41.   Love minus conditions. Tell people you love.
42.   Your soul has no deadline. Take your time.
43.   Forgive yourself for all the blunders and mistakes. You had no idea they were mistakes.
44.   Believe in miracles. You yourself are one!!!
45.   Believe in yourself. But more than that, believe in the Universe.
46.   The entire Universe is behind you, looking up to you, for your command. Wish wisely.
47.   Have audacious dreams. The dreams which create visible twinkle in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach when you are talking about those.
48.   Your unwavering and unshakeable faith is what going to manifest your dreams.
49.   Burn all the bridges behind, leave yourself no possible way of retreat, let your dream engulf you, consume you in a way that your only option is to live it.
50.   There are 26,000,000,000,000 cells in your body rooting for your dream. Go for it!!!
And last but not the least.
51.   Make your parents proud.

*P.S.: The persuasive thing that inspired me to post this was my Baba’s (grandfather’s) name written on one of his books.

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